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Art 1 is a General Art Ed. Class as described in our MHS curriculum.
Art 2 is more advanced than art 1.
Lots of students use it as a stepping stone for art 3 classes.
We delve deeper into Process and creating, thinking and talking and writing about what we think or how we think. remember art is problem solving.
If you need a review then check out

Art 2 uses the elements of art and the principles of design in more aggressive ways. The Bar is higher here as is the level of thinking and production.
You will be able to recognize the elements of art and the principles of design.
You will speak and write and think about them as the foundations of art and visual communication.

Art making is a process or layering one idea with another, addition and subtraction, like watercolor.
art with out using the heart, the head and the soul is lifeless and expressionless.It then becomes nothing.We do not want this.
My class, above and beyond every thing else is about thinking. Art does not always have to be creative or expressive, but it does have to project some kind of honesty, a sense of process, good composition and truthfulness. To pull this off you need to be able to feel, see and think and then justify those.

questions are important maybe more so than the answers in art 2.

There is art history because with out history what you do means nothing. NOTHING YOU WILL DO WILL BE A MASTERPIECE. WE DO NOT CONTROL THOSE. THE ART MARKET DOES. SO THE PRESSURE IS OFF SO TO SPEAK. the high school bar is still high.

I want you to leave this class with the ability to go into a museum and not be uncomfortable with the work. I want you to have a way to find a crack in the work so that you might make informed decisions as to liking or not or respecting or not. I want you to be able to carry on an intelligent conversation about art and culture and how it relates to the world we live in. I want you also to see that there is a process involved that has inherent within it a method of creative problem solving that can be used anywhere, anytime.

I am not trying to turn you into an artist.I have no control over that. No one does. In the end this course is about appreciation.

My responsibility is to teach. Yours is to learn.
If you do not understand something, ask the question.
Realize that this is a "real class". We write, talk, have homework and you are expected to produce.All Grades will be the result of your effort and participation. All work has a beginning date and an end date. Work is due on time or it is not accepted. And there are fews exceptions. You must communicate your problems to concerning time. The classroom is open 20 minutes before school and 20 minutes after. It is open at every lunch, but I need to know who is in the room, so email.
We have web sites that you are expected to use.
There are test and quizzes. Most are un-announced.
GradingeVErything carries the same weight there fore there are no percentages. Homework is no different than classwork.for the rest see above.Talent gets you in the door. It doesn't keep you in the room. or talent means nothing in the long run. I need to see f=effort and change and growth.
Your grade is based on observations, results of your effort, participation.Completion of all assignments
All you have to do is try. The results will speak for you.Goof off and you loose

*This is not a social time or arts and crafts. Lately some students and parents have come to the belief that since this is an elective that good grades should follow. True this is an elective but since I am evaluated on my performance, you will be also. When there is learning involved, there is also work involved. because of this grades are not given, they are earned.
NoteCome to me when there is a problem. This makes you responsible and accountable for your learning.
Your opinion is important as long as you have a reason. I do not ask that you agree with me but if you do not, have a good reason. Tolerating each others opinions is very important.Appropriate humor is essential so learn some good jokes and have some good comebacks.Respect is reQuired for the class, each other, Me, and the materials we use. Clean up after yourself. Put your work in your portfolio.

"stuff you gotta have"By end of first weekSKETCHBOOK 9x12 with good quality paper not newsprint or watercolor. Spirals work best.You will need it at every class. Put your name in the front of it.Pencils, I like 9 mm "twist erase"A good white eraser,Hand held pencil sharpener12 color pencils
Classroom StuffBe on time.Come in get to workNo electronic devices unless permission is given.Sit where you are assigned.If you do come in late you must have a pass.If you go on a field trip let me know in emailDo not rely on my memory.
Do not make a habit of bathroom visitsunannounced visitors get you in trouble

My bar is high. This is high school and your work should reflect that.
I can be reached by email. .I will answer as quickly as possible. The phone is not reliable so if you must call (and they hate this) go through the office and leave a number.
Note:If I leave the classroom you are expected to keep working. If you leave the class while I am out you