Acrylic Still Life

Key Concept, color applied to Still Life in Acrylic

Objectives, SW

a) Learn history of Acrylic still life painting

b) Apply the rules of value to a still life painting
c) work with composition


a) Intro and history
b) Review of rules of value
c) Discuss Psychological use of color
d) Discuss composition
**Compare use of color Between Fauve and Impressionists
e) Discuss procedures of painting,
  • Project studies
1) Black and white

2) Monochromatic

3) Complements

4) Mono with high lights in complements

5) finish drawing

f) Apply process, demo

g) Begin finishedpicture

Acrylic Paint, Paper, brushes, charcoal, water containers, paint containers

Gallery, Innes, Monet, Matisse, Diebenkorn and Impressionist


a) TIO
b) Color scheme choice, handling
c) Composition
d) Use of value principles/processes/procedures