Art Nouveau & Graffiti

The Illusion of Depth

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stylized bugs, organic design

Key concept Illusion of Space and Depth

Objective SW
a) Explore the Illusion of space and depth
b) combine Art Nuoveau and graffiti

a) review of 7 ways to achieve depth

1 Overlapping-egyptian
2 Shading

3 size and scale-egyptian

4 Perspective, (defined below) 1, 2 or multi pointand or Aerial perspective. Perspective is a mechanical or freehand method for drawing 3 dimensions.

Organic shapes, repetition, created pattern could equal a textured illusion or the illusion of texture

*Foreshortening is also a form of perspective. It is based on an extreme point of view.

5) Value changes

*As objects recede they lighten in Value (atmospheric perspective, Leonardo da Vinci).

*As objects recede detail is harder and harder to see.

*As objects advance Value gets more intense.

*As objects advance details become clearer..

6 Position upon the picture plane-Chinese

The higher things are placed in the picture plane, the farther away they appear to be.

The further down on the picture Plane, the closer they seem.

7 The inclusion of Background, middle ground and fore ground.

b) create a font/calligraphy in a graffiti style
c) add 3 dimensions in perspective, black and white and color
d) intro to Art Nouveau
e) history of symbols and the politics of saying something about something
f) compare and contrast Graffiti and art nouveau
Organic design, stylizing. movement
G compare how women are viewed
H) Discuss stylizing, customizing
I) Thumbnails for 11x16 picture
J) discuss thumbs color material chose
K) piece must have 1) portrait or image of a person
2) Pattern, creating texture,
3)the illusion of depth and space and at least 5 of the 7 ways to create depth
4) the idea of a narrative, story
5) a word or phrase having to do with the portrait.

Media pencil, pen, ink, watercolor, and or colored pencil

Artists C.R. mackintosh, Alphonse mucha gallery

a) tio
b) line work
c) weaving and flow, movement w/ Line work
d) use of thumbnails to develop concept
color to create depth
e) elements/principles
f) over all clarity of narrative , if any
use of line and shape to form an over riding
g) successful combining of Art Nouveau into a graffitiish style
h) successful illusion


Exam Questions

1 What is the Illusion of Depth?
2 Why do some artists use the Illusion of Depth like they do?
3 Compare deep space to shallow space?
4 What is the relationship between the terms space and depth?
5 What is perspective?
6 Who is Giotto? And what was the real importance of his work?
7 What year is it agreed that perspective was discovered?
8 What do you need to draw 1, 2 or multi point perspective?
9 Describe how value is part of the illusion of depth.
10 How does a painting that exhibits deep space reveal emotions?
  • Explain how Bottocelli, Ucello, Raphello and Michelangelo
used the illusion of depth.

  • List 5 examples of the Illusion of Depth that were used in your drawing.