A collage is the poor man's way of painting (Folk Art). Collage means to paste. it's real history is not ready agreed upon but, we do know that Picasso, Brague and their buddy Leger began using collage and that led to abstracting their work into Cubism. Collage - french - to paste - on piece of paper to another

Key concept - collage/color

Objectives: Students will;
a) Review of Shapes & Forms
b) Explore shape and form through collage.
* shapes, geometric, organic, possible free form
* forms 2d vs 3d, shading, light, color.
c) use subtractive method, deconstruct / reconstruct

a) review collage
b)look at romare
c) thumbnails to deconstruct objects into most simple shape geometric and organic
d) contour drawing of finished composition
e) paint and find color to reconstruct still life
f)glue and paste exhibiting value etc.

All materials 11x paper or larger, dancers choice

Romare bearden, Picasso, georges braque,

a) tie into objectives
b) craftsmanship cutting / continuity of collage
c) use of color - value describe
d) composition

**Deconstruct to simple shape, simple idea simple concept into easy to understand pieces
Re construct to build new, find answer
Draw it out