Composition is an arrangement of things within an area or space.
Value is the measure of light and dark.
What these have in common is that used together with The Principles of contrast, focal point, variety, we make a picture.

Key concept Compositon and value

Objective: students will
A) Draw a still life based on one of a group of artists Manet, Caravaggio, Van Gogh, Thiebaud, Diebenkorn and Morandi
B) They will work with the artist’s use of value and composition as well as their own.
C) They will explore space and depth and may tweak it to examine a Point of View.

Demo and intro composition and color pencil See separate sheet Composition. See separate sheet for color Chroma Scales
A) Sketch thumbnails to obtain composition
B) Use thumbnails to determine light source
C) Have one ok’d by teacher
D) Make mock up draw lightly
E) Rough in darkest areas lightly
F) Begin drawing
G) Begin color once drawing is done. Let color build layer by layer
H) Finish drawing.

As for chosen artist prepare short presentation on artist. Site objectives. A list maybe provided for student.

Materials: 9x12 white paper, pencil, color pencil

Artists: Van Gogh, Thiebaud, Diebenkorn, Morandi, Caravaggio, and Manet.

a) Tie into objectives
b) Marble representation
c) Composition and point of view
d) Use of space, depth, defined by value
e) Use of value to set a mood
f) Description of composition 1/3’s, Odds scale contrast, color what was used?

Below is the work of John Gibson