Composition is an arrangement of things within an area or space.
It can be applied to music, dance or art. It is drawing of a kind, making decisions based upon previous knowledge or improvisation ( reacting to existing forces or objects)
Value is the measure of light and dark whether color or black and white.
With color value though, the rules of complements (creating neutral color) can come into play as well as how you perceive light and color in the real world. Or maybe you are more kin to the Impressionists than the Fauves.
What these have in common Color, Value and Composition, is when used together with The Principles of contrast, focal point, variety, balance and movement, we make a picture.

Marbles and Balls
Key Concept Composition and Value
Reflections of Modern Art.jpg
Objective, SW
a) Compose a still life
b) They will work with value and composition
c) They will explore space and depth by way of value and composition
Project 1
a) Demo and intro 1)composition and color pencil See separate sheet Composition. 2) See separate sheet for color Chroma Scales, complements
b) Using pencil create a value color scale or primaries and secondary and complements
Project 2
a) intro to marbles and balls
b) sketch thumbnails to obtain composition using three or more marbles or balls
c) Use thumbnails to determine light source and values
d) Have one ok’d by teacher
e) Make mock up by drawing lightly contours follow drawing process
f) Block in darkest areas lightly in color or black and white
g) Begin finished drawing

Materials, 9x12 for scales, sketchbook for thumbs, 18 x36 white paper for drawings, pencil, color pencils, oil pastels

Artists, Van Gogh, Wayne Thiebaud, Diebenkorn, Caravaggio, and Manet and John Gibson

a) Tie into objectives
b) Marble representation, composition and value
c) point of view
d) Use of space, depth, defined by value and color
e) Use of value to set a mood
f) Description of composition, 1/3’s, Odds, scale, contrast, and color

Below is the work of John Gibson