Contrast & Pattern

Positive/Negative Shape and space

Key Concept: Use of Pos. neg. shape and space

Objectives: SW
a) Use of Pos./Neg. & shapes or repeated shapes to draw and balance a piece - using still life as Morandi, as Warhol’s portraits or as use and composition of space through or patterned shapes or repeated shapes or elements.
b) Use of pos./neg. space to under stand shape
c) draw from observance by drawing the neg. space around an object.
a) Combining session a and b, draw a still life using the outside space to define shape Morandi
Session 1: drawing black/white random objects
Session 2: Same as above but reversing from B/W to w/b
Session 3: finished piece of one well defined image image painters of the 80’s, Robert Moskowitz
b) Using traces shadows to create a piece where image is distorted and repeated.
c) Use of complements as opposed to black and white.
d) Thumbnails first after original tracings are done.
Session 1: tracing/thumbails
Session 2: finished piece utilizing concepts of Pos/neg and compliments. ( tinting or shading is welcome)
Materials: 9x12 whtie paper, 9x12 black or dark paper using white, 16x16 white or color, oil pastels or chalk pastels Maybe acrylic paint
Assessment: tie into objectives
  • creativity
  • spark
  • feeling,expressiveness of piece color, shape, space
  • POWER OF IMAGE, how image sits in space ( how shape fits/works in space)
Block Prints, Cut outs
Sketch book 2 minute sketches of observed objects 4 a night dividing up one page in sbkPos.


This Philip Guston drawing is full of contrasts. Can you see them?
Start first with what you know like light and dark then go through the lists of Elements.


Escher worked with contrast in order to blur or confuse your perception of space and movement.

Matisse used color contrasts first as a Fauve then simplified the concept of color to light and dark basically.

In the following notice how pattern plays with contrast not just iv colors but again with the images or the Elements of Art.

Nudie and Emmanuel got into the business of designing Country Western wear for prefpromers of all types of music and the movies. The came from a background of mexican designs consisting of bright colors and images taken from the real world and that other world.

Nudie, the man himself with the famous singer and songwriter Gram Parsons.


aaa.jpg negativespace.jpg usingnegativespace.jpg zombie.jpg negative_space_bicycle.jpg badnegativespace.jpg Positive_Negative.jpg Positive_Negative_by_Divulged.jpg Positive_of_Negative_1-900.jpg