Gesture, mark, line, immediate, emotional, expressive, ruled, careful, what?

Key concept - gesture
Objective S.W.
a) review gesture drawing and it’s purpose
gesture is movement, gesture shows form
b) examine lines vs marks
Procedure -
a) review of gesture drawing
b) draw objects in room /volcano people
1- using pencil
2- using pen
3- using color pencil
4 watercolor
5 - Pastel
c) Produce 1 finished draw ing of a still life composition consisting of random objects

objective S.W.
a) line vs mark
b) What is the nature of each?
a) intro/demo
b) make marks in sketch book Marks are expressive, gestural, immediate. they can be symbolic. Line can be expressive also having descriptive qualities and characteristics but lines tend to be definitive, more orderly.
c) Describe a bird, made from silhouettes in as few marks as possible
d) Describe a bird in flight
e) A dancer
f) Three dancers
g) a flock of birds
h) one finished drawing of a birds nest or a bundle of sticks
sketchbooks, pencils, 11x paper various other media oil and chalk pastel, watercolor
Mark tobey, willem DeKooning, Alberto giacometti, joan Mitchell

a) tie into objectives
b) quality of marks and invention
c) creativity
d) movement form