Lesson Plans



This assignment will be a collective of several Drawings. Black and white studies of shape and form, color studies if you wish, and your finished piece.
This should be in a style you feel good about. Not one where you feel safe. In other words if messy is your deal then deal. If clean and tight is your card of choice, play it. We have two artists that work in very different styles and manners, but achieve the same product.
I might also add here a third artist. That would be Wayne Thiebaud. His use of color shown here in his ice cream cones is brilliant I think.
So, I guess you have three sources to ponder.

Kelly’s Plants
Key concept – organic contour dwg.
These drawings are a type or style of still life. The simplicity relates to Chinese ink painting or watercolor painting. Basically they are a type of contour drawing. There maybe one object or more, it does not matter, but the background may just be the paper. Maybe the objects have very little color or it seem unfinished as some of Ellsworth Kelly's pieces. It is the simple line that captures the gracefulness of the plant and thus the essence of the plant.

Objective – SW
a) examine organic shapes using simple line and shape
b) come to terms with implied line – two shapes coming together, edge, border
c) learn to see the simple shape of an object
d) examine positive negative space and shape

Procedure ONE
a) intro – review contour drawing and shape
b) review, organic and geometric shape
c) demo drawing the plant using simple
pencil line
d) pen and ink
e) students should end with two drawings utilizing line
Procedure TWO
a) demo painting with ink, pos/neg
b) produce a series of paintings of shapes
c) no drawing and filling in. paint the shape, let the brush stroke make the shape. Limit to three stroke to produce a shape so find the correct size brush for the job
Materials – pencil, paper, pen, ink, ink paper,

Artists – Ellsworth Kelly, Chinese ink painting (refer to the Gallery for examples)
ellsworth kelly.jpg
B) Composition
c) Use of materials ink, pen
d) Declaration of intent and appeal, use of line, definition of shapes
e) Quality of lined (pathos)
F) Use of shape using line
G) Over all appeal of drawing as to Kelly or Dine

Lesson Plan B

Jim Dines Plants

Then, there are the Floral drawings of Jim Dine. They are not about flowers. They do not aspire to Simplicity. They are crowed, dirty rough, and maybe about surface or some other expressive quality.
What is the artists’ intent?
If they are not about flowers what then are they about?
They are about the act of observing flowers and the act of translating that observation into a drawing. The feeling from observing, from using the senses like smell, the movement of the flowers, the light, all of this and more.
We must define these as viewers or audience with what ever knowledge we have brought to the piece. Once doing this we have declared the artists’ intent and also their success.

Key concept – Visual comparison of composition and how this affects Pathos, ethos and Logos, the artist’s intent.

Objective: SW
a) Observe line, shape and form as in Procedure 1 Ellsworth Kelly drawings and Jim Dine drawings, both containing the subject matter of plants – Organic shape
b) Students examine artists’ intent by discussing the Appeals above.
c) Fabricate a drawing based upon the compositions and intent of Kelly and Dine



a) Intro to Dine
b) Compare Kelly and Dine by subject matter, composition, materials and look
c) Review concepts covered P/N, Contour- inside /outside, line quality
d) Show previous drawing and critique
e) Begin new drawing having students at some point declare their intent. And choice of ethos, pathos or logos. Possibly introducing appeals (expressive quality or color) for paper
Materials – open
Artists – Kelly, Dine

B) Composition
c) Use of materials, pushing them use of multi media
d) Declaration of intent and appeal drawing of plant or drawing of drawing
e) Quality line and color to define shape, and form, the plants
F) Use of form and shape with reguard to color or valueattempt to shade
G) Over all appeal of drawing as to Kelly or Dine
H) Multi media use of materials say like an eraser to define a space

Wayne Thiebaud
West Coast vs. East Coast, Dine and Kelly are East and West was Thiebaud. he had been an illustrator and a comic book type graphic artist. He was associated with he Pop Artist, but he never liked that label. he was a painter and paint he did once he found his inspiration. That was the deli's and dinners and their displays of food, pasties to be specific. From these he observed the world through our sweet obsessions. Candy, Ice Cream, women (his wife mostly), toys and the gentle world. Later he became interested in his landscape for the earth, his studio and now from air planes. The real drive is always color it seems to me no matter the perspective. Color drives the painting. But in the end what does a painter have but color. I think Monet would agree. Cezanne Maybe not, Matisse definitely. Picasso? the abstract expressiponist, Kline and deKooning Maybe yes. then to rebel or did he, The pop artists and their color, Warhol, Dine, Rivers allused color and except for Rivers it kay have been a driving force also.
wayne-thiebaud-ice-cream.jpg wayne_thiebaud_ice_cream_cone_d5681250h.jpg
5 Two Flavors (Ice Cream Cone) ed '2003 4548(2).jpg