Key Concept, Value applied to landscape
Objectives, SW
a) Learn history of landscape painting
b) Appliy the rules of value to a landscape painting
a) Intro and history
b) Review of rules of value
c) Discuss Psychological use of color
d) Discuss Tonalist, mono chromatic painting as opposed to Impressionist
e) Discuss procedures of building - painting, pastel Color schemes etc..
1) Black and white
2) Monochromatic
3) Complements
4) Mono with high lights in complements
5) finish drawing
f) Apply rules of drawing, light contour etc….DEMO
g) Begin finished landscape

Materials, Pastels
Artists, Gallery, Innes, Monet, Tonalist and Impressionist
a) TIO
b) Color scheme choice, handling
c) Landscape, composition
d) Use of value rules or principles
e) Understanding visually or academically of Styles of art discussed.

Below Degas Pastels. Degas was one of the principle Imppressionistth.jpg
Beloa Wolf Kahn A contemporary American Painter