Painting - Still Life and Landscape

Hasegawa - Pine Trees

Corot - the Rising Path

Key Concept: landscape, composition, painting

Objective: Students will:
a) Paint a landscape
b) Pick a landscape of their choice to paint in a style of the artist mentioned above or in a style of art they chose.

a) thumbnails in paint to arrive at value and color scale
b) thumbnail to arrive at composition
c) paint landscape, no drawing before hand
d) paint landscape in a chosen style point of departure

Artists: Wolf Kahn, Wayne Thiebaud, April Gornic, Louisa McElwain, Manet, Monet, Van Gogh
Materials: Photo references provided by students, canvas, paint, brushes, water, paper 6x9

a) Tie into objectives
b) Handling of paint
c) composition
d) creative point of departure

See for artist.

Key Concept: Style - Understanding by doing

Objective: S.W.
a) Paint the same landscape in an artists style.

a) intro
b) research an artist concentrating on style and brush stroke and composition
c) Practice and reproduce based upon previous landscape.

Artists: see gallery
Materials: see above

Assessment: See above