Value, Landscape

What is a landscape and what does VALUE have to do with it?
What part does Value play in a Monet landscape?
Does Value effect the composition?
How about color? Does the over use of a color scheme effect the composition?
What happens to the color in the background? Or for that matter, the fore ground?
12134795138882.jpg Monet
Look at George Innes. He is a Tonalist. What could you infer just by looking at the name, Tonalist?
Now, answer the questions asked of you concerning the Monet.
Landscape Lesson Plan

Written Context,
Compare and contrast The Impressionist and Tonalist Painters as to the use of color. Speak also to the choice of style. Why did they choose to paint as they did, Rebellion?

Key Concept, Value applied to landscape

Objectives, SW
a) Learn history of landscape painting
b) Appliy the rules of value to a landscape painting
a) Intro and history
b) Review of rules of value
c) Discuss Psychological use of color
d) Discuss Tonalist, mono chromatic painting as opposed to Impressionist
e) Discuss procedures of building - painting, pastel Color schemes etc..
f) Apply rules of drawing, light contour etc….
g) Begin landscape by choosing to paint either an Impressionist style or Tonalist style45077-george_inness.jpg

For your consideration
When beginning a piece of art, what do you think about?
Are you a naturalist, a realist, or representationalist?
Is this your idea, and interpretation of someone’s idea or just a skill practice?
I ask because all of these may play a part in how your work is addressed.

Thumbnails solve so many problems. I assume you have done or will be doing some if not a lot.
They work for composing, adding, and subtracting, arranging, color depth idea definition and on and on.

1/3rds or odds

The Illusion of Depth?
Deep space?
Shallow space?
Perspective or Point of View?

Emphasis or focal point?
Emphasis covers much, focal point, not so much.

natural or
tweaked or
Will you use the majority of its characteristics?
Will they become a statement?

Paint, oil, watercolor, acrylic
Pastels? Oil, caulk

Size of the paper?
How much margin?

begin with thumbnails always. It helps you see where your piece will go or is going.

Materials, Pastels
Artists, Gallery, Innes, Monet, Tonalist and Impressionist
a) TIO
b) Color scheme choice, handling
c) Landscape, composition
d) Use of value rules or principles
e) Understanding visually or academically of Styles of art discussed