Value Drawing - Drapery

Key Concept, Value Light and Gravity

Objectives, SW
a) Use value to exhibit weight in a drawing, i.e. the effects of gravity
b) Learn to draw drapery
session 1 color + white, tint
a) intro and review of value and gravity, weight
b) review value scale
c) intro to process of drawing drapery, typical drawing process
d) intro to blocking, for shadows
e) review contour and gesture of drapery still life
f) Begin value drawing of drapery
g) at the end of each session write reflection on cover sheet

session 2, color plus white and black tint and shade
follow same procedure with the exception of - students may start a new dwg or add black to the exsisting dwg
pastel, one color plus white
Durer, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Still Life
to produce one finished drawing using tints and shades
a) TIO
b) Use of value, tints and shades or using white and a color or black.
c) Degree of representation
d) Obtaining weight through value - Light an Dark, Tints and shades