Marks are strokes are ways visually of communicating. They are gesture. They are made from the subconcious, they are made by letting a toll do the work.

Below is a Kandinsky. He was considered to be one of the first abstract artist. He used Marks and those marks are expressive but didn't Munch also use expressive Marks?
Wassilly Kandinsky, Composition VII, 1913

10940392-large.jpg The Scream in one of it's states of life. Apparently Munch did many versions of the Scream. This one is in crayon or pastel. Does color effect the line work?425px-Munch_The_Scream_lithography.pngMunch, a lithography notice how line work still dominates the picture even without color.

Key Concept - Mark and gesture

Objectives SW
a) learn the difference in lines, mark, gesture
b) examine by drawing using the above
c) ask the question, how can I be expressive using a mark, a line, a gesture?
a) intro, demo, repros
b) create a picture using the style of mark making by Mark Tobey, Willem DeKooning or Giacometti
c) One drawing in Black and white
d)One drawing in color
e) One drawing using repetitive marks.
Pencil, graphite sticks, charcoal, sketchbooks, paper 11x or 9x
Yobey, De Kooning, giacometti
a) tie into objectives
b) expressiveness
c) inventiveness
e) the push