eye level
horizon line
vanishing point
one point - works off a flat front
two point - works off of an angled front
multi point
birds eye view
worms eye view - seeing the bottoms

2 Point Perspective

Key concept: 2point perspective

Objective: Students will
a) Review perspective
b) Add 2 & multipoint perspective to the arsenal of Artistic Knowledge

Project 1 – Watercolor
Objectives: Students will
a) Paint using watercolor to obtain a feeling of distance in their paintings.

a) Demo wet on wet
b) Demo wet on dry – dry on wet and dry on dry.
c) Complete 1 finished picture

Materials: Watercolor paper, watercolor and brushes

Artists: Wiki sergeant and Homer

a) Tie into objects
b) Craft


Project 2 (thumbnails required)

a) Intro and demo to nonobjective painting – Al held or Ron Harris
Or a surrealist style painting using perspective.
Or a Graffiti styled piece containing a word or letters.
b) Must show distance or space

a) draw a picture containing example of 1 & 2 point perspective, Color that advances and receives, a part of a famous piece of art, a stencil as in Banksy, fore, middle and back grounds. Pattern and texture and if needed a grafitti look. A theme for your drawing would be helpful to you and your audience.

Materials: 12x paper, pencils, paper. Ruler paint or color pencil

Artists: Homer, Sargeant, Dali, De Chirico, Magritte, Al Held, Ron Harris, Bansky, Graffiti artists - Banksy

a) Tie into objectives
b) Evidence of planning – thumbnails
c) Creativity and follow through
d) Art History
e) Craft


Project 3 (thumbnails required)

a) Intro and demo of multi point
b) Draw one multi point object or a word
Artist: Ed Ruscha
Materials: 9x12 paper, ruler pencil, pastels, color pencil

ed_ruscha_brews.jpg Ed Ruscha

Steve Comba, painting

55129.JPG.jpeg Al Held55085.JPG.jpeg a29_106.jpg
collection_01.jpg Ron Davis
Salvador Dali used distance and space as a device to heighten the dream like, other worldliness of his work.