Unit 2 art 2

Use of elements and principles Lesson

Objective - Sw
a) show an understanding of elements and principles by use in a piece

a) intro to use/Jack Tworkov
1) create a series of 2x thumbs by scribbling to fill in square
2) while scribbling stop to identify forming shapes
3) once a series of shapes hes been settled upon, grid the thumb by finding points with in the scribble
4) if desired use and eraser to change values
5) at this point choose a color scheme. Most likely it would be an analogous scheme using tints and shades to create movement and mood
6) once this has been accepted start drawing lightly the grid system on a 16x sheet of white paper Note review painting
7) Scumbble in background colors
8) Begin strokes finding your own system for mixing, which maybe mixing as you go or premixing or bits of both
9) Paint should be a translucent viscosity and should be thin enough to run abit if this effect is desired.
10) Make sure to take notes on your thought processes
Materials pencils, paper, sketchbook, paint, rulers, Water, medium for paint, brushes soft.
Artists Jack tworkov, Richard Diebenkorn, Ron Davis, Jenniffer Bartlett1685_Tworkov340627.jpg

a) TIO
b) Thumbs
c) Color, movement
d) Patterns grid
e) Written statements
f) Final piece movement, mood, painterly