Small Scale, Intimate Still Life
Key Concept, Value to create Mood, Manet and Chardin

Objective - SW
a) use value to explore mood
First, in exploring Still Life paintings
Second, in creating their own
b) apply tints and shades

a) Intro and review of value
b) Discussion of scale-large vs. small
c) From observation students will draw from life-objects of my or their choosing. The scale of said object will be important as to translating visually the message.
d) Students will practice contour in pencil, watercolor, paint quick small 12” drawings
e) Using a color scheme and an influence/inspiration from Dutch painters of the 14th-17th cent.
f) SW will create a piece that develops a mood to elicit an emotion on a small intimate scale.

As Manet used you will start with a limited pallet of color plus black and white
small or intimate scale, no larger than 12 x 12 or 12 x 14-15, must have one glass piece, it can be colored glass, it must have one precious object ( one that has meaning to you) three objects are best but one could do. Base your picture upon Manet. background must use black or a dark color, this will help you set an atmosphere or mood.


caulk pastel and or oil pastel, colored construction paper

Cezanne, Vermeer, Rembrandt, Hals, Holbein, Diebenkorn, with a concentration on Manet and Chardin


a) TIO
b) Sketchbook writing
c) Application of Procedure
d) Use of materials
e) Scale